Ryan Kidd

Name: ‘Mr. Excitement’ Ryan Kidd

Height: 5’9

Weight: 165lbs

From: Dallas,TX

Trained by: SoCal Crazy, Pandillero II (AAA) Johnny Yuma(CWFH), B-boy(CZW), Shocker(CMLL), Archangel(CMLL) , Adam Pearce(NWA), Davey Richards(TNA), Kyle O’Reilly(ROH), Babu(WWF), Vampiro(AAA)

Moves: 450 splash, Spanish Fly, Suicide dive, Top rope frakensteiner, missile dropkick

Wrestling promotions: Lucha Profesional Fronteriza (MX), Baja Stars Wrestling (MX), Evolucion Lucha Libre (MX), Oddity Wrestling Alliance (CA), SoCal Pro Wrestling (CA), Santino Bros. Wrestling (CA), Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CA), Insane Wrestling League (CA), Alternative Wrestling Show (CA), Empire Wrestling Federation (CA), Epic Pro Wrestling (CA), All Pro Wrestling (CA), Mach-1 Wrestling (CA), Dungeon Championship Wrestling (CA), New Wave Pro Wrestling (CA), American Wrestling Association (CA), Finest City Wrestling (CA), MAGNUM Pro (CA/IA/NE), 3XWrestling (IA), Adrenaline Pro Wrestling (IA), Juggalo Championship Wrestling (IL), UKnow Pro (FL), BRAWL USA (FL), Boricuas Most Wanted (FL), House of Pain Pro (TX), Adrenaline Unleashed (NV), and more.

Titles held: AWA Tag Team Champion
OCW Heavyweight Champion
Evoulcion ‘GenTJ’ 2014 tournament participant
SoCal Pro summer classic finalist
SoCal Pro summer classic participant
DCW Tag team championship tournament semi finalist

Notable opponents/partners: Aero Boy (CZW), Akira Tozawa (Dragon Gate), B-boy (CZW), Chuck Taylor (CHIKARA), Joe Gacy (CZW), Matt Jackson (NJPW), Nick Jackson (NJPW), RockNES Monsters (PWG), Tony Kozina, and more

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This is the hosting service I use. I like their customer service and I have had no problems. I get everything done here, it’s a one stop shop for Domain names and Hosting. When you buy the domain name, it already comes with security. It protects where you live and your private info. I do use other domain services, like GoDaddy, but . HostGator is a lot easier to use. You can check if your name is available and start the journey.

I like this hosting service because it goes easy with WordPress and WordPress is pretty easy to install. A WordPress website is very easy to use. If you can create Facebook page, You can make a website. If you out source it, it`s easier for your designer to use. If a customer has a domain name from some other service provider, I recommend transfering it or switch the hosting to HostGator, but in the end, it`s up to you. The prices are pretty good. They have a business package that hosts unlimited websites. I have a few sites and it works great for me, plus all the back end services they provide for free is completely worth it. Unlimited bandwidth, emails, and disk space. I know they have a large section of website templates. Also, with a WordPress website, you can also make membership sites. All major plugins and other services are made for WordPress websites. If you have your logo then you’re ready to get started. Click the banner and brand your self online.

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Luke Hawx Pro Wrestling Training Seminar

Luke Hawx is coming to the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy. To share you insight on the world of pro wrestling. Luke has been on the bottom and worked his way to the top. Wrestled all over the place. If your new to the business of pro wrestling. It`s a must you coming to Luke Hawx`s seminar. The value you will get out of the seminar will save you years of learning the hard way. Trust me. It`s worth it. You will leave a better pro and steps ahead of your competitor.

Luke Hawx will become to the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy
Name: Luke Hawx

Nickname: Southern Stomper

Born: July 8, 1981 (age 32) New Orleans, Louisiana

Weight: 227

Height: 6`1

Trained by Vic Grimes.

Debut: 1999

Finisher: 450° Splash, Corkscrew 450° Splash (Phoenix Splash) and Michinoku Driver #2

Trademark Moves: Diving Leg Drop, Gourdbuster, Jumping Spinning Calf Kick, Side Russian Legsweep, Springboard Dropkick and Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors Takeover

Tag Teams Altar Boys with Altar Boy Matthew (as Altar Boy Luke)
God Squad with Gabriel (as Altar Boy Luke)

Tournament Wins: Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup 2013 (10th August 2013)

XPW King of the Death Match Title
2002/10/05 – 2002/12/21

WildKat Heavyweight Title
2013/03/02 – 2013/11/15

PWI500 Results
Rank #312 in the 2004 list

Rank #455 in the 2007 list

Rank #418 in the 2008 list

Rank #477 in the 2009 list

Rank #352 in the 2012 list

Promotion: LXW, NWA Wildside, TNA, WWE, XPW, JCW, NWA Wildside, ROH, FIP, NWA Anarchy, NWA Wildside, CZW, IWC, JAPW, MCW, MCW, WSX, EWF, NWA Pro, PWU, UWF, IWC, PWU, WWE, DGUSA, NWA Anarchy, NWA Houston, NWA Lone Star, Ring Warriors, FUW, HOW, MCW, and NWA

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How to promote your self online as a pro wrestler.

One of the toughest things in pro wrestling is learning how to promote your self. You learn all the moves and contacted the local promoter. But you really want to make a name for your self. Well you need a Website. You want to make a Facebook, Twitterand a YouTube page. Promote your self on facebook and twitter. Upload your matches on youtube. Connect with fans and different promoters. Your like a small business. Advertising your self. Get involved in different Facebook groups. Well I can help. There`s some much. Mongol Santino Website Traffic is a great way to start. It`s free or paid. Get started now to learn the ropes. There`s banner ads, Solo ads and so much more. I know it`s tough. Mongol Santino Website Traffic can help you get started. Don`t wait, joining now to have the success you want. Every little bit helps. Just because you have a website doesn`t mean you are getting Website Traffic. One of the first things I do with a website is put google analytics hooked up. I want to see how much traffic I`m getting and where it`s coming from. Make sure are your photos are SEO friendly and also with video. YouTube is free. Cut a bunch of promos. Create as many pages as you can. Profile/Bio pages, Event pages and everything you can think of. Remember you can`t go wrong with Mongol Santino Traffic. Have fun and see you later Mongol Santino

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Manny Peeples The Classic Luchador

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Manny Peeples And Mongol Santino

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Pro Wrestling School – Santino Bros Wrestling Academy

Hi Everybody

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a Pro Wrestler? Are you goal oriented and motivated to chase your dreams? Do you want to take your fitness to the next level? Well here’s your chance!

Santino Bros Wrestling Academy specializes in turning normal, everyday Joes and Jills into ready made pro wrestling superstars! Opening in 2008, Santino Bros Wrestling Academy has since garnered a reputation as the finest pro wrestling school in Southern California. But don’t ask us, ask a few of the most respected veterans and trainers from throughout the industry!

” This is the top school in the country. It has Big Bill Anderson and Superstar’s [Billy Graham] endorsement. If you are thinking of going to a wrestling school. Go to a place that teaches respect as well as wrestling.”Big Bill Anderson, Pro Wrestling Veteran & Trainer of Champions

“If you are looking to enter the world of professional wrestling, I gotta give a shout out to the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy. Much respect to Joey Kaos & Mongol Santino for doing things the right way. The way they [Alumni] carry themselves and have respect is incredible & I cannot thank you enough for instilling that kind of ethic in today’s young wrestlers.” -Adam Pearce, NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion

Don’t just live your life, control your destiny. Challenge yourself and live your dream today at Santino Bros Wrestling Academy!

Call to set up an Orientation for our next class. This is by appointment only as spots are limited. Call today 323-896-3017

We are located:
5640 Shull St. Unit S
Bell Gardens, CA. 90201
Call Today! 323.896.3017

Click the Flyer for more info.

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Masked Republic, the only company in the world dedicated to “expanding lucha libre beyond the borders of Mexico”™, released two new plush keychain lines featuring officially licensed pro wrestlers and lucha libre stars.

“Lucha Libre Mexican Megastars™” Series 1 features LA Park, Solar, and a double sided Konnan displaying both his masked and unmasked looks. “We’re very excited to be expanding our merchandise catalog beyond t-shirts and into additional areas,” said Masked Republic CEO Ruben Zamora. “From the very start of Masked Republic we have wanted to give luchadors an ability to capitalize on their incredible personas and fan bases which have, unfortunately, primarily been capitalized on by bootleggers and companies blatantly ignoring their hard earned copyrights. And we couldn’t be launching the plush line with a better set of names who are truly known and respected around the world.”

Each 6″ keychain comes polybagged with custom packaging. The keychains retail for $9.99 at Masked Republic’s LuchaShop.com. The company will also be taking wholesale orders from retailers and event promoters.

In addition to the Mexican Megastars™ series, as part of the company’s commitment to raising money for charities which they, in 2012, established an internal division to handle, Masked Republic is also releasing a limited edition “Legends of Slammers” series of 4″ plush keychains. “Without the Slammers Wrestling Federation giving me my start and without Dynamite D taking me under his wing after Slammers, Masked Republic would not exist as it does today” said company President Kevin Kleinrock. “When we established the MR Charities division last year, we chose the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life as one of our primary charities. Cancer has not only robbed me of a large number of family members, but of my friend and mentor, Dynamite D, as well. And therefore, in D’s memory and honor, we are releasing this extremely limited series of plush keychains with 100% of the profit going directly to the American Cancer Society.”

The series features 8 wrestlers, all who trained at and wrestled for the Slammers Wrestling Federation, Los Angeles’ premiere wrestling school in the early 1990s run by Verne Langdon and featuring guest instructors that included Sam Houston, Terry Funk, and the Fabulous Moolah. The Legends of Slammers set includes “Beautiful” Bruce Beaudine (former WWE/WCW/TNA writer Ed Ferrara), Hombre De Oro (XPW’s Carlito Montana), Buddy West (XPW’s Damien Steel), The Samoan Kid (XPW’s Pancho Killa), El Espiritu, Pete Hatfield, referee Dan Farren, and Dynamite D himself. The D plush was created with the blessing of his mother, Edie McMillan, who also approved the art.

The “Legends of Slammers” 4″ plush keychains are available for order only until August 25, 2013 and only at LuchaShop.com. Individual keychains are $9.99 and the set of 8 can be purchased at a reduced price (pay for 6 and receive 2 free).

For more on Masked Republic please visit

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