This is the hosting service I use. I like their customer service and I have had no problems. I get everything done here, it’s a one stop shop for Domain names and Hosting. When you buy the domain name, it already comes with security. It protects where you live and your private info. I do use other domain services, like GoDaddy, but . HostGator is a lot easier to use. You can check if your name is available and start the journey.

I like this hosting service because it goes easy with WordPress and WordPress is pretty easy to install. A WordPress website is very easy to use. If you can create Facebook page, You can make a website. If you out source it, it`s easier for your designer to use. If a customer has a domain name from some other service provider, I recommend transfering it or switch the hosting to HostGator, but in the end, it`s up to you. The prices are pretty good. They have a business package that hosts unlimited websites. I have a few sites and it works great for me, plus all the back end services they provide for free is completely worth it. Unlimited bandwidth, emails, and disk space. I know they have a large section of website templates. Also, with a WordPress website, you can also make membership sites. All major plugins and other services are made for WordPress websites. If you have your logo then you’re ready to get started. Click the banner and brand your self online.

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Pro Wrestling School – Santino Bros Wrestling Academy

Hi Everybody

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a Pro Wrestler? Are you goal oriented and motivated to chase your dreams? Do you want to take your fitness to the next level? Well here’s your chance!

Santino Bros Wrestling Academy specializes in turning normal, everyday Joes and Jills into ready made pro wrestling superstars! Opening in 2008, Santino Bros Wrestling Academy has since garnered a reputation as the finest pro wrestling school in Southern California. But don’t ask us, ask a few of the most respected veterans and trainers from throughout the industry!

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Big Bill Anderson and Respect

I first met Big Bill Anderson on the Socal Indy wrestling scene. I walked up to him and shook his hand just to pay my respect. He`s contributed so much to the wrestling world. He’s trained many champion wrestlers such as The Ultimate Warrior, Sting, and Louie Spicoli to name a few. He’s been involved in many different wrestling shows, from small veteran halls to the big grand stadiums. I finally had a chance to sit with him and talk shop at Wrestle Reunion 5 in Los Angeles, Ca. He was promoting his book Big Bill Anderson Remembers The School of Wrestling”. One of his golden rules is to have respect for yourself and for the business.

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