Mongol’s Bio

Born in East L.A., raised in Montebello, Mongol Santino always knew he wanted to beat people up! No matter the situation, he was always ready to rumble. After attending Greenwood Elementary in Montebello, where even as a young boy he was captivated by professional wrestling, and another sport you couldn’t imagine: Ping Pong! A close friend of a neighborhood family, the Shibatas taught Mongol the art of table tennis, where he started out not knowing anything of the game. After many hours of training at the Shibata home Mongol became a skilled player, rivaled only by the Shibatas themselves, and hopes to one day represent in the Olympic games. Soon after, Mongol moved to the harsh streets of East L.A. where he knew he had to be tough. From the ages of 9-12 he started boxing, training at Bristol Park Community Center. At the influential age of 13, he discovered he wanted to fight professionally.

Moving back to Montebello at this ripe age, Mongol attended La Merced Intermediate, played football for the Montebello Indians from Grant Rea Park and took a year of reflection. It was at this time that a young Mongol discovered attending Montebello High School in his teens and playing for the mighty Oiler football team, he easily graduated and quickly joined the working force of America.

Mongol Santino - Slammers Wrestling Federationm.jpg

After working as a vitamin packer at Mercal VitaPack, then at a warehouse packing tile, Mongol realized he was going to need further education and after brief stints at both Rio Hondo College in Whittier and East L.A. College in East L.A., it became very apparent he was going to need something a little more physical. Thinking back to his childhood, Mongol decided it was finally time to pursue his dreams of becoming a fighter and discovered a university that would forever change his life: Slammers Wrestling University!

Infamously revered and respected, Slammers had a reputation for turning out the best wrestlers on the independent scene. It was here that Mongol learned the art of pain and submission. A natural in the ring, he picked up on catch style wrestling and added his unique blend of Lucha Libre, American, and Japanese Strong Style to his repertoire. El Mongol stood out at Slammers Wrestling shows, intimidating his foes and shocking crowds with his infamous toe-bite! Graduating from Slammers University, El Mongol hit the independent scene like an un-caged animal. A testament to his respected training and El Mongols professionalism, he was pitted in tag-team action against Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff in his very first independent match! Shortly after he joined fellow Slammers alumnus Johnny “Angel-Face” Chavez at one of the most notorious federations ever, XPW’s Asylum, where he met and forged a bond with the Rock Superstar Kaos.

Mongol Santino Elbow

It was around this time, in 2004, after being recommended by some friends, that Mongol was employed at a place I cannot name…doing a job I cannot explain…working with some people who cannot be named! The lessons Mongol learned at this work is the kind of knowledge that will last a lifetime. The friendships that have bonded were done so in cement. The stories are too unbelievable. That’s all I can say.

Highlighting 2004, Mongol and the Rock Superstar Kaos formed the hardest hitting, most dominating tag-teams in pro wrestling today…The Fighting Santino Bros., and together, they brought pro wrestling back to Los Angeles by producing/directing memorable shows at the historic Grand Olympic Auditorium and Great Western Forum. In 2006, he was one of the chosen few to sign with MTV’s “W.S.X.”, where he starred with some of the best wrestling talent in the world. In 2008, realizing the independent wrestling scene needed a revolution, they opened up the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy with the goals of training the next up and comers deeply rooted in tradition and respect; and helping them avoid the pitfalls of the independent wrestling scene. With his one of a kind training, Mongol Santino has proven himself in and out of the ring. Known as “The Enforcer”, Mongol now passes down his knowledge to the next generation of up and coming superstars at The Santino Bros Wrestling Academy in Bell Gardens!