Branding in Pro Wrestling

Hello everybody,

this is Mongol Santino and I just wanted to talk a little about branding and marketing. It’s really important especially when you don’t have a big company backing you. A very common question I get is “How do I brand myself as a professional wrestler?” If you are a small business or an independent contractor then you MUST learn how to brand yourself. Here are couple of first steps I would take:

Branding - Marketing - Mongol Santino

  • Create a logo
  • Create a catch phrase or slogan.


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We will stick with creating a logo for now. The reason why having your own logo is very important is because it’s going to be your identification. For example, If you do hard core wrestling then you may want to have some barb wire, chairs, tables, or ladders in your design. If you do Lucha Libre stuff then your logo should include a lucha mask or something of that sort. I will be using my own logo as much as I can so when you see my logo anywhere, you know that it’s Mongol Santino. If you go down to the Santino Bros. Wrestling Dojo, you may notice the Santino eyes plastered everywhere you look. Once you have created your logo, you will want to put it on your 8X10’s, t-shirts, social media, and definitely on your website. This is a good first step in learning how to brand yourself.

I will be sending more tutorials to help you with your branding and marketing. I know that many of you are really busy so I will try to make them as simple as I can. Go ahead and click on the link below to sign up and I will see you on the other side.

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