Pro Wrestling Gear


Basic pro wrestling training gear. Everything you need to start your pro wrestling training. Look at your pro wrestling gear as your tools for work. Keep them clean and in good condition. Have that mindset, that your a professional. Feel it , look it and train like it.

For beginners is wrestling shoes . You want wrestling shoes to protect your ankles and some wrestling school only allow wrestling shoes in there ring. Start off on the right foot and get wrestling shoes.

Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling Shoes

Next is knee sleeves. Listen you only have one pair of knees and want to take care of them . No knees and no career. So I recommend having knee sleeves before your knee pads. Gives your knees extra support and a long lasting career.

Knee Sleeves

Pro Wrestling Knee Sleeves Red - Mongol Santino

Over your knee sleeves are your knee pads. Now you have double protection. I recommend trace knee pads. They have a little extra padding and have never did me wrong. Plus they have a few different colors too.

Knee Pads

Pro Wrestling Knee Pads

You want some nice fitted wrestling shorts. If you wear loose fitting clothes, other wrestlers are going to get caught in delivering certain moves. In starting your pro wrestling training, you don`t want anything baggy.

Wrestling Shorts

Pro Wrestling Gear

I would get elbow pads if your starting your pro wrestling training. Your going to be taking falls or bumps. if you don`t have the proper techniques. You will bruise or tear up your elbows in the beginning unit you learn the proper techniques on how to falls or take bumps.

Elbow Pads

Pro Wrestling Elbow Pads

Sport tape is always good to have. You can use sport tape for extra support on your ankles, knees and wrist. Also if you are at the point of doing irish whips in your training, sport tape gives you extra grip.

Sports Tape

Pro Wrestling Sports Tape

You want to wear a rash guard to protect your self. Your going to be wrestling around with a few different people. Your going to be getting dirty and sweaty. So to protect your skin. I recommend wear a rash guard. It`s just a little extra protection.

Rash Guard

Pro Wrestling Rash Guard

I would invest in head gear. You want a long lasting career in pro wrestling. You`re going to take bumps and are going to bang your head a few times. So for extra protections, I would get head gear. You don`t want to suffer from concussion early on your pro wrestling career.

Head Gear

Pro Wrestling Head Gear

Most likely your going to be training for a few hours. It`s always nice to have a change of clothes. specially t shirts. Your t shirts are going to be getting sweaty and dirty. Always take extra t shirts.

Gym T Shirts

Mongol Santino T-Shirt 1 Red

You want to have a gym towel to wipe your face or wipe down the  equipment you are using. Be as clean as possible.

Gym Towel

Pro Wrestling Towel

Good luck on your pro wrestling career and training. Theses are the basic pro wrestling gear you need to get started . Hope to see you on the pro wrestling circuit soon.